Marble Restoration and Polishing

Even marble floors which have stood the test of time and heavy foot traffic over many years can be brought back to life as good as new when they’re properly restored by an expert marble restoration service such as Love Marble. It doesn’t matter what the original Marble floor was made of, whether it was […]

Marble Repair – Learn From the “Marble Repair” Ebook

If you have a Marble piece of jewelry that has been scratched, marred, or dulled in any way, you can use Marble Repair to bring it back to it’s former beauty. It will even restore deeper water stains and rough acid rings in all natural Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, and many other calcined stones. This […]

Marble Restoration – Steps to Take Before Restoring Your Marble Floors

At present Marble Restoration is a very popular and important field. In this field, specialized professionals apply a durable and attractive finish to the marble or granite slabs for restoring them to an earlier stage. For example, marble Restoration deals with restoration of marble and stone products like tiles, slabs, sinks, statues, cupboards, and cabinet. […]