Marble Restoration – Steps to Take Before Restoring Your Marble Floors

At present Marble Restoration is a very popular and important field. In this field, specialized professionals apply a durable and attractive finish to the marble or granite slabs for restoring them to an earlier stage. For example, marble Restoration deals with restoration of marble and stone products like tiles, slabs, sinks, statues, cupboards, and cabinet. It is also necessary to maintain marble and granite furniture at proper and moderate levels to avoid damages.

Marble Restoration

Marble Restoration deals with various aspects of marble restoration. For example, it helps to restore antique furniture at a better level. One of the most common problems associated with the marble surfaces is dullness. With the passage of time, marbles become dull due to continuous contact with abrasive soil, dust, moisture, oils and other chemicals. These harsh agents remove the shine from the surfaces and make them look shabby. Marble Restoration helps to restore the natural glaze of the marble surfaces and make them attractive.

Marble restoration starts with the evaluation of the marble surfaces. Experts do a detailed study of the marble slabs and examine the physical, chemical, optical, and biographic properties of the slabs. Based on the study, a variety of marble cleaning methods are suggested for marble restoration. Usually, dry chemical polishes and mechanical oils are applied to the slabs. Mechanical oils are used for softening the grain structure and removing stains. Dry chemical polishes remove the defects without causing any harm to the slabs.

Generally, marble restoration begins after the restoration of Marble Flooring. However, if the marble flooring was damaged by heavy foot traffic, then cleaning it will be difficult. If you want to clean the floor, then you should first make sure that no foot traffic damage had occurred. It is important to find out whether there are any cracks in the slabs. If there are cracks, then repairing the same will be difficult.

Another important step for Marble Restoration is to repair scratches in the surface. A professional marble cleaning expert can easily identify the spot and repair it without any difficulty. However, if the damage is extensive then you should consider hiring a Marble Restoration expert for restoration. This would also be beneficial in case you want to restore a Marble Tiling Piece. The expert marble cleaners use special tools and equipment to remove all the stains and restore the Marble Tiling Pieces in an expert manner.

For Marble Restoration job the experts use special chemicals like Acidic and Acetone for cleaning. Experts also use Oil for restoration and repairing scratches etc. There are many advantages of hiring a Marble Restoration expert including the fact that they know how to restore granite flooring, travertine flooring, and marble surfaces. In this article, we shall discuss some of the main steps that should be followed to clean and restore natural stone surfaces floors and other natural stone surfaces.

Firstly, let us start with the cleaning process and restoration of marble floors and other natural stone surfaces. During the cleaning process the floors should be swept and mopped with a mild cleanser, so that the grit and soil are removed from the surface. After mopping up, the floors should be dried using a fan. This helps in removing all the loose dirt and dust particles and also in keeping the foot traffic on the floor under control so that the cleaning process will not take much time.

For Marble Restoration in the next step would be to clean the surfaces thoroughly by applying all types of commercial cleaners, germicidal sprays, steam cleaners, and cleaners with mild detergents. The most effective way to keep the foot traffic under control is to apply a water Based stain remover for immediate results. These products not only remove the stain but also prevents any new stains for a long period of time. Staining is one of the most common problems faced by those who have natural stone flooring installed in their homes.

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