All That You May Need To Know Regarding Polishing Marble Floors

Well-polished stone tiles are quite popular and can enhance the appearance of any given space. However, in order to maintain them, it is essential to care for them and clean them regularly. Good polishing is what makes these tiles stand apart. The process of polishing is time consuming and demands a high level of expertise and patience. It is hence important to understand a few important aspects about this complex process. Few of them include:


Marble polishing in Sydney by Stonewiz Melbourne can be done in two ways. Both the methods yield different results and have different set of characteristics. Professional stone polishers possess good knowledge about these aspects. Few characteristics of these processes include:

Vitrification process

One process is known as vitrification and it involves a two-step process known as the sandwich process. In this process, acidic solutions are sprayed on the marble. The special solution reacts with calcium present in the marble. In the next step, the buffing machine uses steel wool pads to work on the marble floor. While using this particular process, it is essential to consider that the chemical content of the spray may alter the tile surface. The alteration is difficult to reverse but gives a stronger and more lasting finish. In the final step, a wax solution is sprayed on the floor. This solution helps in sealing the polish on the floor.

The vitrification process involves certain drawbacks. One main drawback of the process is that it results in the creation of steel wool particles which become airborne. These particles may prove to be hazardous. Another drawback of the process is that it can weaken the stone structure.

Crystallization process

The crystallization process is quite popular. In this process, a special powder is used instead of the spray. During the polishing process, the powder is rinsed, leaving the tiles clean and wax free. However, this process is quite challenging and requires expertise.

The abrasives used

Once a suitable process has been selected, it is advisable to pay attention to the type of abrasives used in the polishing process. Most good polishers nowadays prefer to use diamond abrasives in the polishing process. This abrasive is considered better and may hence be preferred.

Completion of the task

In case a large area requires restoration, it is essential to ensure that the professional polishers make a detailed plan for completing every room. It is advisable to set an anticipated start and finish date for the project.

The sealers used

While polishing marble floors, it is advisable to ensure that they are finished using high quality stone sealers. This is important in order to protect the floors and for maintaining their look. It is also recommended to ensure that the grout is cleaned properly. Dirty grout can negatively impact the look of the marble floor.

Restoring marble floors can prove to be a challenging task. There are several aspects which may be considered in this regard. You can contact Stone Wiz Melbourne for professional advice regarding polishing marble floors.

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