Why Your Dishwasher Is Not Filling With Water

You spend a lot of money on your dishwasher and then find out it doesn’t work because the water is not filling up. It is one of the most annoying things to happen. And who could deny people the way they feel when this happens? 

But what is the cause of this problem? We did some research and spoke to a leading plumber in Chadstone to find out why this happens. And we have the results for you below: 

The Hoses Are Kinked! 

Just like anything product or appliance that uses water, there are hoses attached to it. The dishwasher has a host of hoses that connect to it. And if these hoses are kinked, damaged or broken, then you could be looking at the reason why not water is filling up in your dishwasher. Make sure these hoses are straightened out and in good condition so you can go back and use your dishwasher. Plumbers can help you with any repairs or replacements if you need it. 

The Door Is Not Functioning Properly 

One of the more common problems that tend to happen with dishwasher is that the door is not functioning properly. Whether is it jammed, broken, or the lock is beyond recovery, if the door doesn’t close or lock properly, then the dishwasher is not going to fill up with water. So the best way to go about it is to check the status of your door and take it from there. You can repair it yourself or you can look towards calling a plumbing company in Ashburton or Melbourne to help you with the door. 

The ‘Float’ Is Stuck Or Broken 

One of the most unknown, but important part, of your dishwasher is known as the ‘float’. This part of the dishwasher is to recognise when enough water has filled within the dishwasher and then stopping that flow of water. But there are two things that tend to happen to the float which cause problems down the line. The first is that the float might be stuck – either caused by debris which prevents it from lowering or the switch is broken – and in turn will not recognise when the water is being filled. The second is the float is broken completely and it will not know when water is filling up. Regardless of the reason – when the float is broken, you are going to have to repair or replace it. 

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