Pest control frequency and costs involved

Pests can be nasty and pest infestations can cause a lot of damage in your home. It is hence important to conduct regular inspections in order to recognize the early signs of damage. Regular pest control treatments can also help in preventing pest infestations and further damages.

Frequency of pest control

In order to ensure that your home is protected from pests, it is advisable to get pest control treatments done regularly. The frequency of the treatments may however depend on certain factors. The various service frequencies are primarily of the following kinds:


The one time treatments generally contain a high concentration of pest control solutions. These kinds of treatments are generally more expensive than the other ones.

Quarterly treatments

Quarterly treatments are generally very common and are offered by many companies. They are suitable for homes even inside lightweight claddings that are prone to pest infestations. These types of treatments are generally cost effective.


The monthly pest control treatments are most suited for properties that are used frequently and continuously. These include apartment complexes, schools and various other types of structures. These structures are generally spread over a larger space and used by a number of people. They hence become more prone to pest infestations. The success of these types of treatments generally depends on the layout and space of the structure.


These treatments are more aggressive and undertaken twice in a month. They are generally suitable for buildings that report continuous pest infestation problems.

While choosing a pest control treatment plan and deciding on its frequency, it is advisable to consider the following aspects:

  • The number of reapplications provided between scheduled treatments.
  • The area of the building or house covered in the treatment plan.
  • The number of technicians scheduled to visit the premises during the course of the treatment.
  • The type of pest infestations in different seasons.
  • The variety of treatment plans provided to suit various weather conditions.

Costs involved in pest control

In case of severe pest infestations, it becomes important to hire experts for the job. Hiring experts comes at a price. The various factors which may affect the cost of pest control include: Also for more about pest control prices check the popular price list here.

The area

Pest control companies may charge on the basis of the area where the treatment is to be done. If the service providers are located at a greater distance from the site where the work is to be performed, the charges may be higher in order to cover the travelling expenses. Companies located in the same area may however charge less.

Extent of the infestation

The cost of pest control depends on the extent of infestation. For widespread infestation, companies may charge more than the amount charged for treating minor or medium level pest problems.

The techniques used

The cost of pest control may also depend on the techniques used during the course of the treatment. Severe pest infestations require more time and effort to be treated. The quantity of solutions used may also be more in such cases. In such circumstances, the companies tend to charge more.


The cost of pest control also depends on the accessibility of the area. If pest infestations are spread in areas like attics and basements that are not easily accessible, the companies may charge more for the efforts made.

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