How to Maintain your exposed aggregate concrete driveway

Exposed Concrete an issue? Common questions and issues of exposed concrete.

In suburban North America, driveways are a common sight. Each driveway consists of exposed concrete that needs to be regularly treated in order to maintain a standard of durability. With this style of exposed concrete also possibly used around different areas of the house, it is important to bear in mind the general condition of your exposed concrete.

There are many companies that will assist in the handling of your exposed aggregate concrete but it is very possible for you to handle the repairs on your own. With a little bit of research and some careful use, you can not only apply the sealant but do everything necessary to have a superior condition of your exposed concrete.

With time, your concrete can begin to crack and progress into a general state of disrepair. The common reason for this is weather; it ruins the integrity of the exterior exposed concrete that is a staple of the average household. If you are able to maintain the upkeep on the surfaces which need this, you can help to avoid the scars that occur from a regular use of some sort of crack repair product.

Your options:

There are pretty much only two integral steps to successfully maintain exposed concrete surfaces. One prepares the surface while the other is what instigates the long term support of the surface. After all, it’s hard enough to survive the everyday wear and tear of your life on a regular basis as it is.

Acid Washing

The first step in preparing your exposed Concrete, acid washing is integral in preparing the naturally rough nature of your exposed concrete. In order to apply this properly, you must be very careful because you are working with an acid strong enough to affects that of the rough stone surface. If the surface is more than 6 months old it is pretty much always a good idea to ensure that there is a thorough acid washing to remove and moss or dirt particles that can become embedded in your exposed surface. A final note is to never use a brush finish on a personal surface such as a driveway. It is commonly used to treat sidewalks, but it does not leave a quality finish in all cases.


The final step in preparing your surface is applying the sealant. With a variety of products that you can do this with, it is recommended that you do some research first. Also, if you fail to Acid wash the surface appropriately prior to your application of the sealant, you could cause gaps or an uneven finish to the sealing process of your surface. As well, as you choose which product you would like to use remember that this will affect the finished look of your surface, so choose wisely.

Either way, the complete process of taking the appropriate steps to solving the problem of exposed concrete are never something you can pick up instantly. Make sure you do your research on the application process. Now that you have an idea of how it works though, you know where to look. If your are looking for site preparation services or residential concrete floor slabs in Melbourne, J.C Paving is what our experts recommend.

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