Few Good Reasons To Opt For Bath Resurfacing Instead Of Replacements

A few years back, an unsightly, leaking and cracked bathtub made a replacement necessary. Nowadays, most people opt for bathtub resurfacing instead of the costly and lengthy process of replacement.

Bath or bathtub resurfacing can effectively help in improving the appeal and functionality of the bathing area. Bath resurfacing Cairns has become a popular method of home improvement owing to the affordable and quick solution it provides.

The disadvantages of replacements

A few years back, bathroom remodelling projects involved replacement of fixtures. Replacing fixtures is a costly, tiring and time consuming task. Firstly, you may face the hassle of finding a bathtub which matches the overall theme and furnishings of the bathroom. The next step may involve removing the old tub, fixing the plumbing, floors and tiles and lastly fixing the new bathtub and redoing all the floor attachments and plumbing. Extra cost may also be incurred on hiring replacements experts for removing and re-installing the bathtub.

Why bath resurfacing

In the present scenario, most people prefer to stay away from the tedious and time consuming process of bath replacements. Instead, more and more people nowadays, prefer to hire shower base repairs Gold Coast experts for resurfacing the bathtub. Bath resurfacing experts perform several tasks including refinishing and re-glazing of bathtubs. Bath resurfacing Cairns services can ensure that customers get good value for the money invested.

Types of bathtubs

There are several kinds of bathtubs available. While hiring bath resurfacing Cairns experts, it is important to consider the material from which the tub is made. Traditional bathtubs were made from enamel steel or porcelain cast iron. These tubs are heavy and are not used nowadays. The most common types of bathtubs found in modern homes are the ones that are made from acrylic fiberglass. Plastic tubs and Jacuzzi tubs are also quite common.

All types of tubs may get worn with time. They may develop scratches or the black metal base may start showing at some places. Tubs made from porcelain tend to get pitted and may show dark colours. Tubs made from acrylic are quite soft and may easily get damaged and worn. For repairing all types of bathtubs, the services of shower base repairs Gold Coast may be hired.

Bath resurfacing process

The bath resurfacing process is quite simple when compared with bath replacements. Hiring shower base repairs Gold Coast experts can ensure that the task is done efficiently and swiftly. The process focuses on re-treatment of the bathtub surface. This is done with the help of premium liners which help in getting rid of discoloration, spots and cracks in the bathtub. A coating of this liner is applied on the bathtub using a HVLP gun, in order to restore its shine. Bath resurfacing Cairns helps in giving a cleaner and new look to the bathtub. Besides making the bathtub look clean and appealing, the process also deals with the damages which may be present underneath.

Another advantage of bath resurfacing Cairns process is that it is not messy. You are hence saved from spending hours cleaning up the area after the job has been done by shower base repairs Gold Coast specialists. The simple process can effectively be completed within a span of 3-5 hours.

Bath resurfacing offers an easy and cost effective way of repairing damages in bathtubs. Bath resurfacing experts can repair damages and make your bathtub look new once again.

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