Fake Grass Cost and Installation Options

Artificial Grass Installation Price varies according to a variety of factors. In general, the average cost to initially install artificial grass for your lawn is $12 per square feet, with costs ranging from approximately $5 to about $20 per square feet. A typical 500 square-foot lawn would cost approximately $3, Gutierrezto an average of about $4,007 to set up and install. While this price may seem unreasonably high, when installed, the total cost to properly maintain it would be a great deal lower than the cost of renting the real thing. Here are a few other factors to keep in mind that will affect the overall pricing of artificial grass installation services.

Low Water Level: When there is a lack of sufficient water in your area, low water levels can lead to dry patches on your artificial grass installation site. It’s important to ensure you choose a company that has a large variety of grass species in their stock so that you can use whatever species your particular area requires. For areas near rivers, you’ll probably need to ensure that you have low water tolerant grass such as perennial ryegrass or bluegrass, which do not grow much during the winter. Other options include Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass.

High Quality Artificial Grass Generation Equipment: The quality of the artificial grass seed used in the installation process will have a significant impact on the outcome of the final product. You want a company that uses high quality seed so that the resulting lawn will be able to withstand high temperatures and droughts. A company that has the best artificial grass products available will be able to offer homeowners the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. They’ll also have an experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help homeowners understand how to care for and maintain their new backyard landscaping investment. There’s no doubt that artificial lawn can be an excellent and effective addition to any residential or commercial property, but the initial cost of installation will be one of the primary factors that drive homeowners to consider all the available options.

How Much Is the Average Cost? The average cost of artificial turf is actually lower than that of natural grass because many factors are taken into account. Many artificial turf companies offer deals and discounts on pricing. Some companies will even take several months to complete the installation of artificial grass and then will charge homeowners an installation fee for the remainder of the job. Other companies will provide installation for as little as $250. If you’re a busy homeowner with a lot of unexpected emergencies, these kinds of deals make sense.

How Does the Preparation Works When installing artificial turf, most companies will recommend that you begin by preparing the area before laying down the fake grass. This includes preparing the ground by removing any weeds, rocks, sticks, etc. This will help to minimize the amount of time it takes to install and will also help the grass to get established properly. Once the grass has been installed and the preparation works are complete, there is less risk of the installation costs increasing later on.

Fake grass installation costs can be decreased by paying attention to a few key areas. For example, many homeowners mistakenly believe that the preparation process itself constitutes the artificial grass installation cost, but this is not true. Instead, it is the actual work that goes into the landscaping project itself that truly represents the artificial grass cost.

How is the Type of Grass determined? Artificial grass blades are available in three standard sizes: small, medium, or large. Each blade configuration has its own specifications and it is important to understand these so that you can choose the right one for your landscaping project. Fake grass blades generally come in the form of rectangles. A simple calculation using the standard size blades as the baseline would be approximately five square feet per inch of fake grass blades.

How about Installing the Underlayment? If you do not have an existing sod base or if you are planning a large-scale installation, it may be necessary to use an underlayment to help support the fake grass. In general, this underlayment should be made out of a material that is six inches thick or greater. It should provide a degree of cushioning to the underneath surface that will help reduce the overall stress on the fake sod when it initially lays down. The installation process is more complicated when incorporating an underlayment since it requires cutting away at the sod to expose the backing, which is another job that must be done correctly. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals to do this kind of installation work.

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