Epoxy Flooring and its effective floor solutions

Epoxy has been widely known as the most resilient and durable flooring systems by far as it renders the reliable base foundation and also the high-build film thickness assuring a durable concrete solution. Epoxy when applied on the floor offers excellent waterproof and chemical protection against most chemicals, oils, fats, salts and alkalis. It has subsequent high resistance and high bond strength to abrasion, thus developing a finish resistant to waterborne bacteria and moisture. The surface can be further improved by top coating with a colored epoxy. The other non-slip additive can also be used, including carborundum for more non-slip surface or pumice for an excellent finish.

Providing the solution for floor coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are now considered as the desirable solutions for business environments. Though epoxy coatings have been around for many decades, the recent technical advances have transformed the industry and lifted epoxy from being a suitable solution in many instances to being the premium solution for concrete flooring.

The diversity of epoxy flooring services is such that it can be applied over the top of even the existing coatings and tiles and also direct to the concrete. The epoxy floor coating is a bright and clean appearance, with an infinite amount of finishes and unlimited colors including matte, gloss or satin and a variety of exquisite decorative resin designs.

The epoxy flooring company in Melbourne has several years of experience and the required knowledge to know which resin will produce the desired result in what scenarios. The mixture of correct application and correct product equates a great job which will endure the test of time. Epoxy floor coating is undoubtedly the ultimate floor coating, offering a comprehensive array of benefits.

Epoxy and its significance

The term epoxy indicates the kind of resin mix, which the paint is made of. Epoxy floors are also well known for their extraordinary chemical resistance properties and capable of enduring spills from detergents, oils, and other contaminants.

Such floors are hygienic and hard wearing and also tend to bond well to the concrete floors. With reputed professionals, the flooring gives away a huge variety of colors and also the great build versions are highly glossy in their appearance. The other versions of epoxy can be over-coated with polyurethanes that would further improve scratch resistance as well as gloss levels and reduce chalking at the external surfaces.

Epoxy floor coating can also be used to develop anti-slip floor surface, which can be acquired by including an aggregate during the mixing process. Epoxy flooring offers the necessary surface that is suitable for use in areas bound to rubber and foot-tired vehicle traffic.

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