Why Cork Flooring Is The 1st Choice for Parents?

With the evolution of a variety of flooring concepts, people have become pretty crazy for floor decoration. Those bamboo floors and hardwood floors are moving out and new concepts are being brought in daily. One beautiful addition to this list is cork flooring. Yes, this has become the latest trend now and is mostly preferred by everyone due to its look and durability. However, before you think of install cork flooring, you need to have a proper idea as to how it is made and why it is a special one.

Where has cork emerged from?

This cork is usually collected from cork oak tree’s bark, which is mainly seen in the Mediterranean.  They are not only found in one country, but in 7 countries. Yes, there are 7 countries, which are listed among the largest producers of this tree. These include France, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Algeria, Portugal and Spain, of which Portugal is the largest. 30 percent of the cork trees are found in Portugal and 70 percent of the production happens here.  It’s basically constituted of those honeycomb cellular structures, containing 90 percent air. These cells give insulation and resiliency. Then, cork is compressed and immediately returned to original shape. This is the reason why cork flooring is considered to be very special.

Why is Cork flooring the first choice of parents?

Good times can be ruined if kids aren’t well. Yes, if kids are suffering from some sort of asthma or allergies, cork flooring is surely the best choice for homes. Since they prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew naturally, the surface doesn’t retain or attract dust.  Cork is undoubtedly a very popular choice of parents because the echo effects are limited and playtime becomes all the more enjoyable.  Even from the safety point of view, cork floors are very good for the child’s room; owing to more friction and anti-slip properties. We all know that flooring of kids’ room must be easy to clean, comfortable as well as allergy proof; cork flooring does justice to all these things. Moreover, 2 floors can be blended to give a warm surface to the children.


Given below are 5 benefits of Cork Flooring

  • Softness and comfort

Due to the cork’s cellular structure, air is trapped inside and owing to this; the floor gets a natural shock absorbing feel. This is a perfect option for the kitchen, wherein people stand a lot. Due to this softness, comfort is provided to legs, back, and feet.

  • Beauty

Cork is known for its natural and unrivalled beauty. No flooring is able to compete for the beauty of cork. Moreover, we can find it in various colors. There are a variety of cork flooring manufacturers in the market, who offer it in various patterns and shapes.

  • Noise reduction

With this cellular cork structure, the floor becomes comfortable and the vibration and noise can be reduced. Unlike hard floor materials such as laminate, tile or hardwood, cork is flooring which reduces noise and is quiet. With this, you won’t be troubled by the noise of dropping something on the floor or by the sound of pets or people walking on it.

  • Safe and healthy

Usually, these cork floors are quite healthy. They have natural properties and provide good resistance to insects. Moreover, they are anti-allergic as well. Cork flooring has Suberin, which is a waxy substance, which repels mold, mites, and insects.  Since it is waxy, the cork floors are protected from rotting, in case they are wet. Moreover, the material is fire resistant as well; cork doesn’t release any sort of gases when burnt. Due to some very good natural properties, cork is declared as safe and healthy for pets, adults and babies.

  • Easy to maintain and durable

The main feature of cork floor is its durability. These floors have been used in public places as well as commercial places. Now, this cork flooring comes in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors.  However, the cork will always remain special for its richness and depth.  For giving a special texture, rubber and cork are mixed together; this looks amazing. There are some patterns that have a look of plank boards; they too look very good. Varied vibrant colors can be chosen as per your needs and taste.

There are a variety of companies that have introduced a variety of contemporary floor solutions like laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, cork floor and more. Solutions are offered for commercial and domestic purposes and this leads to creating new areas for offices, storage or working.

Even in the process of manufacturing, no waste is generated. This flooring is a byproduct of cork stoppers that are used in wine bottles. The residual of this is collected as well as ground finely. Then, these binders are added for holding ground cork together. Typically, these include natural proteins, phenol formaldehyde, and urea melamine, which are stable after they are processed. Then pigment is added so as to create different patterns and colors; then a finish is added.  You can avail this flooring in 2 finishes i.e. water-based and acrylic based. These acrylic finishes are quite tough and hence, flooring is protected in a better way. On the other hand, water-based finish is quite environmentally friendly and becomes yellowish if exposed to light. On the other hand, these water-based finishes are quite expensive as compared to acrylic or polyurethane counterparts. Taking care of cork becomes all the easier if the proper installation is done. When you apply multiple layers of water barrier sealer to this surface, it becomes easy to maintain the flooring. Just vacuuming and regular sweeping are needed for removing dirt particles and grit. Apart from that, you need to just wipe up those spills, for ensuring these staining agents aren’t found on the surface.

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