Artificial Turf Cost – Is It Really Worth the Extra?

What costs more over the long run: a natural lawn or artificial turf? Some questions to ask: Are you willing to pay for maintenance? Can you afford to replace the grass each year? Do you need the grass to grow? Answer these questions and you can decide which will work better for your needs.

Artificial Turf Cost – What Costs More in the Long Run Artificial turf is a very fast growing product and can be installed quickly. It is also relatively inexpensive. In the long run artificial turf may actually cost less than a natural lawn. There are many installation costs involved with installing artificial grass, and depending on what brand you buy, it can cost from one hundred to four hundred dollars per square foot. Some things to remember: It does not take long to make a yard look good! If you have a large open space or an extra large decking area, you can find artificial turf that is the same price as an expensive natural lawn – sometimes less.

Nylon Grass Artificial turf costs about one hundred twenty dollars per square foot, so it is about three times as much as pine or cedar. The main difference between synthetic and natural grass is the feel of the turf. Artificial turf is much softer and is therefore less slippery, which makes it ideal for many outdoor activities, especially those where the surface is slippery. Nylon is also weather resistant and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Nylon turf costs about one hundred twenty dollars per square foot, so it is about three times as much as pine or cedar.

Flower Bed Artificial Turf Cost depends on whether you have a garden with many different kinds of plants. A flower bed has the beauty of nature in its arrangement and the texture of the sod makes it feel more like the real thing. There are several factors that determine the artificial turf cost. First, the type of garden, number and size of plants and types of sod are all factors. Next, you need to calculate how much water your garden requires. Finally, you need to decide if you want a grassy ground or a carpet of flowers.

Other miscellaneous items that affect artificial turf costs include infill per square foot and miscellaneous items like soil, fertilizer, adhesives and special equipment. An infill per square foot is the amount of soil needed to fill in spaces between rows of turf. Most commercial and residential artificial grass companies provide infill per square foot services. Maintaining a clean lawn means using natural compost or fertilizers, spreading a fertilizer over the grass, removing leaves and other debris, and regularly weeding.

One way to maintain a beautiful lawn is to choose a blade shape that has been pre-tuned for either commercial or residential use and then mow it at least six times each year. A flat blade shape cut produces a uniform, attractive lawn and will require low mowing. A professional artificial turf company can show you which blades will work best in your climate.

The greatest factor affecting synthetic grass price is the number and quality of accessories that are required. Artificial turf companies generally charge more because they need to include special chemical surfactants and adhesives, high-quality turf tapes and high-temperature infill per square foot. Some synthetic mowers don’t have blades designed for commercial use, so polyethylene and other foam sheets are using to cover blades. High temperatures are another reason for high-quality attachments.

If you decide to landscaper, adding fake grass can be an extra service. Adding synthetic turf can help you keep more of your grass in the yard year round and reduce your watering bills. Although you may pay extra for the service, your yard will look like a professional landscaping job was done without the expense of adding artificial turf. With some simple preparation and research, you can create the look of a professional yard with minimal additional services. The key is to choose a low-maintenance brand that will last for several years and will withstand high temperatures and consistent use.

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