All You Need To Know About Skip Bin Hire

When it comes to removing rubbish from your home, there are two ways to go: hire a professional rubbish removalist or hire a skip bin. Most people for the latter and we got all the key details on why that is the case for you below: 

They Come In All Sizes

There is no “one-size” skip bin on the market. There are a range of different sized skip bins out there, so you have to measure how much rubbish you have and if it will fit into the skip bin you hire. Talk to an expert about the sizes if you are concerned if they don’t fit. 

There Are Plenty Of Companies Out There 

Just like any industry, there are so many companies out there, that finding the right bin hire in Melbourne is going to be difficult. How do you find the right company for you? Here are few things that you should take into the equation: 

  • The size of the skip bins available to you 
  • How long you can have them for 
  • The cost for hiring them 
  • Are there additional fees that you need to know about 
  • The value of the price 

With these factors, you should be able to find the right company for you when it comes a skip bin to clean up your mess. 

But There Are Certain Materials Skip Bins Won’t Take 

Despite you thinking that a skip bin is just a dumpster with free reign, you will be surprised that there are plenty of materials and products that you can’t put in. The company that provides you with the skip bin will either fine you or won’t pick it up until you remove the materials or products. So what can’t be taken? Check out the quick list below: 

  • Asbestos-filled or tainted products 
  • Oil
  • Paints
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Gas Bottles
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Food Waste 

So What Can Be Taken?

Everything else that is not part of the above list can be taken in a skip bin. The reason for this decision is simple: the materials on the list above cannot be broken down or recycled properly, thereby causing environmental damage. More on that below.

Where Does The Rubbish Go? 

This is one of the most things that a lot of people don’t understand: where does the rubbish go? If you read the top part, and understood why some materials and products can’t be taken, the rubbish goes to certified landfills where they will be disposed and recycled properly. This is a very environmentally friendly process and one of the key reasons why people look towards skip bin hire in Mentone and across Melbourne when it comes to getting rid of their waste. 

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